Birth Control

Protection for Men: Staying Safe During Sexual Intercourse

When we think about protecting ourselves during sex, condoms come to mind first. Men place a condom on their erect penis and it prevents an unwanted pregnancy as well as transmission of STDs, including HIV/AIDS.

Condoms for women also exist but are not as popular as the male condom. Women say the condoms are difficult to use in some cases while others say they decrease pleasure. However, women who want to take charge of their sexual encounters and make sure they are protected often turn to the female condom for help.

Condoms are far less invasive than a vasectomy, but this also exists as an option for preventing unwanted pregnancy. This option is available only for men. On the downside, a man who performs a vasectomy is not protected against STDs so must still use another form of contraception to take care of this problem.

Condoms are not fool proof however, and unwanted pregnancies and STD transmission can occur in rare cases. Do not fail to use condoms because you think they do not work. They’re over 90% effective when used correctly.

Birth Control

Aside from condoms and a vasectomy for men, women can also do their part to prevent unwanted pregnancy by taking Birth Control options. Women have a variety of options available these days, including pills, the IUD, and many others.

Like the male vasectomy, these options only prevent unwanted pregnancy. They do not prevent either person from STD transmission. For committed and married couples, however, the options may work well for their relationship.

From condoms to IUDs, men and women both have options for protection during sexual intercourse. Protect yourself, no matter what your preferred method of contraception. One of the above options will keep you safe, healthy, and enjoying a satisfying sexual relationship with your partner.