mental health services in brookline, ma

More People Have Mental Health Issues Today

Today, at the time of publishing this medical journal note, it is now more than a year since COVID-19 was declared. One of the most pressing causes of high anxiety levels and mental confusion remains that of the cryptic naming of the viral diseases that continue to ravage the human habitants of the earth. Peculiarly ironic at this point in time is the fact that all other forms of life on earth, both flora and fauna, are unaffected by the viruses, now the second, then the third, and then still the fourth wave of potential infections.

All these and more are more than likely going to be topics for discussion between doctors and patients who are directly or indirectly associated with professional mental health services in brookline, ma. More and more people who would usually have coped rather well in what is already an environment indicative of high pressure and consequent stress and anxiety levels are now feeling the pressure. The manner in which both public and private entities have responded to the dangers of the virus may have negatively altered their proverbial comfort zones.

mental health services in brookline, ma

They are being inconvenienced and disrupted. Traditional mental health patients may already be quite accustomed to chaos and disorder and in the process, may well be responding rather well to today’s chaotic conditions due to following their therapists’ prescribed treatment regimes. These of course would usually entail following the scheduled prescription medication calendar religiously and doing their utmost best to follow the newly introduced habits that are conducive to healthy physical and mental wellbeing.

Those who cannot cope are usually the ones in denial. They are not responsible for what is happening around them. They refuse to take responsibility. And blame others instead.